The site for the new town of Nansha Bay is a former quarry site of 2500 acres bounded by the Pearl River along the north-east and a range of hills, forests and mountains along the south-west.

The proposed development, of which the first phase, the Marina Quarter, is already in construction, is a joint venture between the Henry Fok Group of Companies and the local authority – The Ghangzhou Nansha Development and Construction Co. Ltd.

The Masterplan strategy is designed to create a compact and dense form of urbanism  similar to the European urban village, fostering a mixed use, vibrant town or city “townscape” of varied scales, that is sustainable, walkable and healthy.


The “urban village” concept is to create a green, sustainable, ecologically balanced and high density town or city in which to work and live. The urban village strategy can be developed incrementally , is economically deliverable, has a masterplan sufficiently flexible so as to accommodate change, and is an environmentally managed, low carbon, attractive human scaled model for the 21st century big enough to support a wide range of users and amenities, yet small enough for all its buildings to be within easy walking distance.